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Singer, author and  co-composer, Sónia Cortez  is a romantic interpreter, owner of a sweet and gentle voice, who likes to speak to the heart, being already  considered as a singer of emotions.

Music has always been part of his life, demonstrating his passion for this art from an early age. Proposals soon appeared, but the poor financial conditions of his family did not allow him to go further.

But didn't give up,  and it was still in his adolescence that it all started, when he joined the  RLO project (Rádio Litoral Oeste) "Os Mados da Rádio" as a chorus singer. At that time, he also performed solo, at parties, openings, radio and television programs (Big Show Sic).

Unfortunately, he had to postpone, once again,  during  thirteen years this your dream. It was a difficult time in his life, but he never gave up dreaming.

In 2013  it was the year of the turning point, the year of his life when everything started again. Starting to sing again at parties, bars and starting to rebuild what the long years of absence took from her, her dream.

It was in 2016 that the self-taught artist independently launched her long-awaited  album "From the bottom of the soul", edited by ESPACIAL,  in which we can  find in addition to themes in Portuguese, two themes in English, one in French and one in Spanish.  


Strong, passionate, autobiographical themes, written by herself, where talking about love was the main theme.

Fighter by nature will not  give up, continuing to believe that it is possible to go further, with the style she chose and that defines her Pop, Pop Rock, Romantic so well.

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